Organic - Blackberries - Sweet Corn - Pick Your Own

Green Country Farm - Organic Blackberries

Closed for 2014.


Green Country Farm harvests the finest in organic blackberries.  One hundred percent organic, they have been grown free of harsh pesticides and chemicals, cared for with only natural ingredients to yield a healthy, sweet-tasting berry.

Nestled in the sandhills of Floresville, TX, these blackberries are ripened to perfection in the late spring and early summer months of the year, May - July.


Status Update 4/3/2014
We are closed for 2014 - Future of Green Country Farm TBD.

Pick Your Own or Call Ahead for Pre-Picked
Bring you and your family to enjoy the outdoors and hand pick your own basket of delicious berries.  All vines are trellised for easy picking and the aisles are kept weed-free for easy walking. Containers of pre-picked berries are also available for purchase (picked daily - call ahead).  Don't forget a long sleeve shirt for picking!

Easy Picking for Kids
We have some thornless varieties for our younger pickers who typically like berries, but not thorns. Kids have a lot of fun hand-picking berries off the vine.

Kids MAZE!
We will NOT have a maze for the kids this year.

Fresh Sweet Corn
Sweet corn has been planted and should have corn maturing on different dates.

Live Oak Trees
We have potted live oak, red oak and burr oak trees.  The caliper ranges in size from inch to over an inch. Quantity discounts.

Hours of Operation
We will be open SATURDAY and SUNDAY from 8am to 6pm.  If these times are not convenient, call ahead and we will try to accomodate your schedule.